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Chlorination & Chemical Cleaning Available Across The UK

Full Chlorination & Chemical Cleaning Procedures:
 Cleaning and chlorination services
Following new installations, draining and repair works, routine tank inspections or following adverse water sample analysis results, tank cleaning and chlorination treatments will be required to ensure the continued supply of wholesome domestic water services. In addition, routine inspection may determine the need for chemical descaling of hot water cylinders to reduce the potential for bacterial colonisation and improve heat efficiency transfer.

HSC ACoP L8 recommends that cooling water and process water system cooling towers are routinely cleaned and disinfected at 6 monthly intervals

C3 operate a fleet of fully equipped, highly trained professionals, who travel to all parts of the UK to carry out the required cleaning and chlorination treatments at times best suited to the client, such services often completed during factory or plant shut-down periods, over-night or at weekends to minimise disruption to the client’s business or the building operating times.
 New installation chlorination
Prior to the connection of a new service mains water supply pipe to the town main by the local Water Undertaker or following completion of a new water system installation, a chlorination of the services is required.

Pre-commission cleaning treatments may be carried out using the installation consultant/contractors specified chemicals or those determined by C3 as best suited to the system to achieve the most efficacious effect.

C3 carry out injection chlorination services of new mains water pipe installations and services to the requirement of the Water Undertaker and full system chlorination treatments, providing a certificate of chlorination for retention by the client and presentation to the relevant Authorities.
water sample analysis - Nationwide - C3 Water Solutions -

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