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Closed Water System Treatments And Commissioning Anywhere In The UK

We work on any type of closed water system:
 1. Pre-commission cleaning of LPHW and chilled water systems
  • New LPHW and chilled water systems require pre-commission chemical cleaning to remove installation debris and reduce the incidence of bacterial colonisation by pseudomonas and other known contaminants.

  • C3 engineers are experienced in all aspects of pre-commission cleaning and passivation treatments to BSRIA Guide and were contributors to the 1st edition guide in 1991. 

  • Pre-commission cleaning treatments may be carried out using the installation consultant/contractors specified chemicals or those determined by C3 as best suited to the system to achieve the most efficacious effect.

  • Pre- on-going and post treatment monitoring of the system water condition is carried out and recorded, the monitoring to include pseudomonas bacteria analysis as required.

  • Site specific method statements are produced for each building service treated.
 2. Cleaning of existing closed LPHW and chilled water systems 
  • Subject to inadequate pre-commission cleaning of new systems or failure to continue an adequate regime of system water inhibition, post commission flushing or cleaning of systems may be required to remove accumulated sediment or bacterial colonisations. Due to the age and condition of some systems and to reduce the potential for system leakage following loss of integrity of the system components, the addition of chemical treatments to removed sludge and sediment may not be applicable.

  • Our experienced staff will attend site and assess the best method of achieving the required cleaning of an existing closed system to increase the system efficiency and improve the life expectancy of the component parts.

  • System cleaning treatments include chemical descaling of boiler plant and heat exchangers to improve heat exchange efficiency and reduce the potential for failure of cast iron components due to uneven rates of expansion.
 3. Closed circuit treatment monitoring and dosing
Where closed system inhibitors and micro-biocides are utilised to control component corrosion and prevent bacterial colonisation C3 offer the service of routine water sample analysis and topping up to maintain the correct chemical reserves to improve the system life and maintain system efficiency, using industry recognised test methods and dosing products.
 4. Commissioning
 C3 provide a full commissioning service for new and existing installations to provide balanced water and air distribution rates, adjusting and testing the services to achieve the required system or space heating and cooling requirements.
water sample analysis - Nationwide - C3 Water Solutions -

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