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Risk assessment
Under the Health and Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice, HSC L8, there is a legal obligation on building owners and operators to carry out a risk assessment survey of the water systems to determine the risk of bacterial colonisation and prepare a written scheme for controlling the perceived risk.
 HSC ACoP L8 states that:
23 - A suitable and sufficient assessment is required to identify and assess the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems on the premises and any necessary precautionary measures. The assessment is carried out by or on behalf of:

(a) the employer, where the risk from their undertaking is to their employees or to others; or

(b) a self-employed person, where there is a risk from their undertaking to themselves or to others; or

(c) the person who is in control of premises or systems in connection with work where the risk is present from systems in the building (e.g. where a building is let to tenants but the landlord retains responsibility for its maintenance).

24 - In conducting the assessment, the person on whom the statutory duty falls is required to have access to competent help to assess the risks of exposure to legionella bacteria in the water systems present in the premises and the necessary control measures.

25 - The assessment should include identification and evaluation of potential sources of risk and: nbsp;

(a) the particular means by which exposure to legionella bacteria is to be prevented; or

(b) if prevention is not reasonably practicable, the particular means by which the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria is to be controlled.

26 - Where the assessment demonstrates that there is no reasonably foreseeable risk or that risks are insignificant and unlikely to increase, no further assessment or measures are necessary. However, should the situation change, the assessment needs to be reviewed and any necessary changes implemented.

27 - The assessment needs to be reviewed regularly and, in any case, whenever there is reason to believe that the original assessment may no longer be valid.

The at-risk systems include domestic water services, wet system cooling towers, process and manufacturing water systems, water displays and all other services using water.

C3 offer a professional Risk Assessment service to HSC ACoP L8, their qualified and competent surveyors visiting the premises and conducting a full survey of the water systems, producing a risk assessment document detailing the system assets, areas of risk potential, recommendations for improvements and modifications to the system to reduce or control the risk of bacterial colonisation, a management strategy to monitor and supervise the control measures and log book records to record the site conditions noted at each service visit.
 Management control schemes
Where a risk assessment has been carried out on the water systems within a building it may be necessary to produce a management scheme for the control of risk from bacterial colonisation.

 C3 offer a service of preparing site specific management control schemes, in accordance with HSC ACoP L8 together with on-site training for the nominated responsible staff to assist them with their duty of care to the employees, visitors and other building users.
 Production of log books
Where a risk assessment recommends routine monitoring and inspection of the water services to manage and control the risk of bacterial contamination, C3 offer a service to assist the nominated responsible person in managing that risk by producing log books for the recording of:

  • routine low use outlet flushing
  • temperature monitoring
  • water treatment control records
  • plant inspection including tanks, hot water heaters and cooling towers
  • improvements, repairs and modifications to systems
  • external contractor service visit log records 
  • disinfection procedures
 Routine water system monitoring
The nominated responsible person may not always have the in-house staff or expertise to carry out the routine system monitoring and recording of results required by HSC L8 to reduce the risk of harm from a water system.  

C3 employ qualified engineers whose task it is to carry out these routine service visits on all system types, recording the results of their site tests and inspections and providing interpretation of the service results to the client to assist the client in their management responsibilities.

Subject to the requirements of a determined management regime, site visits may be required weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. The level of service offered by C3 will be tailored to the specific requirements of the client and their system needs.
 On-site bespoke customer training
It is a requirement of HSC ACoP L8 that all persons engaged in the management and routine maintenance or monitoring of water systems are trained in their tasks. 

C3 provide an on-site training service for all aspects of water system management to assist the nominated site engineers in their appointed tasks, refresher courses and method update training provided to ensure the nominated engineer is trained to the current level of industry awareness.

System improvements and upgrading to current guidelines

The management of water systems to prevent or control the risk of bacterial colonisation may necessitate the modification of water service installations to comply with the current Water Supply Regulations and best practise guidance, following a detailed site risk assessment survey.

C3 offer a service to clients for the modification of existing plant and equipment or the installation of new services to assist the nominated responsible person in their duty of care to control the potential for harm from the water systems, these services including the removal of existing and installation of new cooling towers, cold water storage tanks, distribution pipe systems, circulation and booster pump sets, all works carried out by competent, qualified staff and in full compliance with the current Water Supply Regulations and best practise guidance.
C3 Water Solutions: Legionella prevention services

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