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Water System Management Training & Consultancy Available Across The UK

Full training and consultancy services are available:
On-site bespoke customer training
It is a requirement of HSC ACoP L8 that all persons engaged in the management and routine maintenance or monitoring of water systems are trained in their tasks.

C3 provide an on-site training service for all aspects of water system management to assist the nominated site engineers in their appointed tasks, refresher courses and method update training provided to ensure the nominated engineer is trained to the current level of industry awareness.
Consultancy services
C3 offer an independent consultancy service to clients and installation and maintenance contractors, assisting at the design stage by ensuring proposed new installations or modifications to existing systems comply with the current best practice guidance for the prevention and control of Legionella in water systems and compliance with the Water Supply Regulations.

Our consultants are also engaged in investigating the cause of bacterial contaminations of systems and provide guidance on eradication or control of the contamination.
water sample analysis - Nationwide - C3 Water Solutions -

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